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Who do I contact to become a sponsor for the Clinton Little League?
A: Please contact the Board of Directors (see link under contacts list).

What are the sponsorship options and fees for the 2023 season?
A: Team Sponsor only:  $300
     Team Sponsor & Outfield Banner (Returning Sponsors):  $500
     Team Sponsor & Outfield Banner (New Sponsors):  $600
     Outfield Banner only (Returning Sponsors):  $300
     Outfield Banner only (New Sponsors):  $400

What does a business get for sponsoring a team in the Clinton Little League?
A: The sponsor receives visual recognition by having their name on the backs of team player jerseys as well as being listed on our website, hyperlinked to the sponsor's website.  Team sponsors will also receive an engraved plaque with a picture of their team at the end of the season.  As a rule, the league always encourages patronage for our sponsors.

What does a business get when purchasing a banner?
A.  The banner will be displayed on the outfield fence at Eliot field.