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 For ALL Athletic Fields, the policy will be; NO games or practices will be allowed if there is precipitation in the air two hours prior to the start of a specific activity.  In the event of questionable use, the decision not to host the event can be over ridden by a vote of at least two Commissioners after an on site inspection of the field.
 If the field condition is deemed to be questionable due to preceding weather the two Commissioner approval rule is to be enacted.
 In absentia of the Director, the Chairman or Vice Chairman have the right to close any and all fields.
 Scholastic Games Only:  Within the two hour window, if it starts to rain, DPW will advise the Site Director or the Athletic Director as to the condition of the field and determine if it is playable or not.  If neither of them can be reached, DPW will contact Bob Potter, P & R Director.
 Amended:  August 1, 2006
 P & R Commission